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Phone + 49 89 3270889 -10

Monday - Friday 09.00 am - 05.00 pm

Except public holidays in Bavaria.
Company holidays from 24 December to 1st January 2020

We ask for your understanding that without Service Card no phone support can be done.


Your fast and competent help

Those who opt for the SEGO family, therefore, also on an extensive expertise rely. This includes not only the obvious application-specific help also:h:

  • Network administrators
  • Consultant for Medical Devices
  • Staff / -inside with the expertise Technical / -r sterilization assistant / -in Technical qualification I and qualifications in technical qualification II
  • Process validation and their ranges (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ, MQ), as is explicitly required in the QM systems
  • Configuration Management - custom data acquisition / device connectivity

The ingenious configuration management SegoSoft meets all the requirements that are placed on a medical device.
By SegoSoft configuration management, we can supply a specially tailored to your support at any time.
Regardless of your concerns, we can providing solutions, customized for you advice or develop and based on your system and software environment .

Moreover Comcotec offers its service in three languages (English, German, French).

Fast and targeted help guarantee the ServiceCard, because of SegoService immediately knows which devices and configurations are at your use, and can keep the program as easily up to date



To offer a perfect support, please install the SegoSupport Software on your computer. Please download the software as selfinstalling application und install it on your PC.

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