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"Reach us by phone +49 89 3270889-10"

SegoSoft® – no worries, thanks to Service Card

Comcotec offers SegoSoft users a comprehensive software-servicing and maintenance contract for optimum customer care. The Service Card bundles all services necessary for problem-free use into a clear and easily calculable package.

Please notice, You may use SegoSoft only in conjunction with the Service Card.

Your Service Card offers you the following:

  • Email and telephone support for all application-specific questions
  • SegoSoft product updates
  • Constant software updates to comply with the latest documentation regulations
  • Renewal of the digital signature every other year

Service Card Request

Wir empfehlen allen SEGO®-Anwendern, den Newsletter der SEGO®-Produktfamilie zu abonnieren. Hier informieren wir Sie von Zeit zu Zeit mit wichtigen Update-Informationen, aktuellen Hygiene-News, Schulungsterminen, Tipps und Tricks sowie Servicehinweisen

We will ensure your hygiene documentation is always up to date!

SegoSoft® – the original product, market leader in documentation of instrument preparation


Please note that our office will be
closed from 24.12.2022 until 1.1.2023.




The seamless, digital and fully automatic documentation of instrument preparation for your sterilizers and units for cleaning, disinfection and sealing.
We ensure that your hygiene documentation
is always up to date !!

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Combined Technical Training


  • 02th Februar 2023 in Munich
  • 20th April 2023 in Munich

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  • The praxis-upgrade solutions fit perfectly together!
  • Visit our partner network on (http://www.praxis-upgrade.de)


*** Important customer information ***

The SegoSoft / mySego product lines are NOT affected by the Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228).