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SegoSoft Instruments

Doctors, but not just doctors...

SegoSoft is employed in almost all branches of medicine. After all, all healthcare professionals who work with reusable instruments also need to reprocess them. Even waste ster-ilisation in laboratory systems is subject to documentation requirements and can be recorded with the help of SegoSoft. Alongside surgery clinics, pharmacies, the foodstuffs industry, dentists, surgeons, gynaecologists, ophthalmologists and podi-atrists, Comcotec’s customers also include a number of tattoo parlours and piercing studios.

After all, it is also important to these artists that the instruments and tools they work with are absolutely sterile so as to avoid any possible risks of infection.

SegoSoft Instruments

Training sessions, service

Our service division is also full of highly committed specialists. The head of the SEGO® service division is a trained healthcare professional and all of the employees possess a technical qualification. In addi-tion, the service division also boasts a number of trained sterile-goods assistants. As such, our em-ployees’ skills are not limited to our own product range, but extend to the whole field of sterile-goods reprocessing and hygiene.

What’s more, Comcotec also offers further training in the field of hygiene and reprocessing of medi-cal devices. The training sessions are primarily aimed at doctors and dentists in private practice and healthcare professionals with a state-recognised medical qualification who are engaged in the repro-cessing of medical devices and hygiene, for example specialised medical personnel as well as medical technical assistants and dental assistants. Our instructors are certified by the German Association for Sterile-Goods Supply (DGSV e.V.) and communicate expertise gathered in practice for use in practices. In this way we provide our expertise to anyone and everyone who wants to improve hygiene standards in medicine.