A smart hygienic decision



SegoSoft Instruments

SEGO® allows you to prove your compliance with hygiene standards at any time - simply and reliably!

The user-friendly SegoSoft software is easy to install and run.
It offers reliable documentation of the disinfection and sterilization process which can be traced precisely at any time.
Complete documentation is indispensable for quality assurance and protects you against liability risks.

The Sego product family

Unlimited possibilities and certified safety in hygiene documentation





A smart hygienic decision



SegoSoft Instruments

MySego.net - web-based

With the mySego.net platform, Comcotec Messtechnik GmbH offers the first web-based technology for the documentation and approval of reprocessing processes. mySego is the technical heart and the central as well as cross-system platform of Comcotec for all browser-based and platform-independent Sego products and applications.

Maintain an overview of all reprocessing processes and all medical devices, equipment and instruments in your practice.
Create checklists and forms and have them displayed at the relevant time of completion.
Manage your instruments and trays in an intuitive interface and leave the management of tasks and routine checks to us.

SegoSoft Instruments


SegoSoft is the solution for highly automated and secure documentation of the reprocessing of your instruments:

  • more efficient than any other system
  • certified security
  • expandable at any time

What SegoSoft can do for you

  • Documented release decisions in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)
  • Fully automated documentation of the cleaning and sterilization procedures
  • Minimal workload for your personnel when it comes to documenting the instrument reprocessing
  • Network-compatible and compatible with all popular devices and manufacturers

SegoSoft Instruments


SegoLabel is the solution for guideline-compliant, traceable and unambiguous labelling of reprocessed instruments that are sterile when used on patients:

  • Fully automatic following every instrument release
  • Simple and self-explanatory

What SegoLabel can do for you

  • Only printing labels on positively released instruments safeguards the reprocessing process
  • Avoiding manual inputs eliminates labelling errors

SegoSoft Instruments

SegoAssign plus

SegoAssign plus is the solution for efficient documentation of the instruments used on the patient:
  • independent and quick
  • detailed and comprehensive

What SegoAssign can do for you

  • Simple and detailed instrument-specific assignment to patient
  • Self-explanatory management of sterile goods
  • Comprehensive tracking of the instruments/batches used on the patient displayed on the screen or as a printout
  • Rapid identification of all patients treated with a batch
  • Compatible with all the standard practice management software

SegoSoft allows the simple, comprehensive and time-saving documentation of the reprocessing procedure. SegoSoft is completely medical device vendor independent!
This makes it possible to document as many different medical devices, e.g., sterilizers, cleaning machines, disinfection devices and sealing machines, as you like at the same time and without creating too much work for your personnel.

SegoLabel automates the printing of barcode labels and ensures clear and correct labelling of all the sterile goods to be stored.
SegoAssign plus "talks" to all standard practice and patient management systems and, in addition to the efficient assignment of the instruments to the patient, also allows you to call up and print out extensive patient-related assignment data.

SegoSoft can do much more:

  • Format of the documents is suitable for long-term preservation
  • Cooperation with the standard software systems in the fields of patient, material and medical device management
  • All the batch-related data are avail-able in a tamper-proof document


The SEGO® range integrates seamlessly into your hygieneconcept and your familiar workflow.
Efficient, secured processes and compa tibility with all standard practice management systems ensure that you always have everything firmly under control when complying with the hygiene specifications!