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SegoSoft Instruments

Fully automatic digital cycle and process documentation

SegoSoft -the seamless, digital and fully automatic documentation of instrument preparation for your sterilizers and units for cleaning, disinfection and sealing.
Process documentation at the highest level:

  • Fully automatic documentation of the mechanical processing
  • Easy connection of over 200 different units for sterilization, cleaning and disinfection
  • Visualization and documentation of processing in real time*
  • According to HTM 01 05
  • Easy to find the matching patient's record with bar code label printing
  • Unique user administration on the basis of digital signatures
  • Perfect and simple long-term filing of your documents
  • Document format includes protection against unauthorized changes

Protect yourself from the risk of potential claims

A reproducible documentation of the disinfecting or sterilizing process is an absolutely necessary instrument of quality assurance in your practice and can protect you against the risk of potential claims.

SegoSoft Instruments

SegoSoft - Secure because of its unique user administration

Efficient, time-saving and cost-saving
Profit from the unique user administration which has been realized on the basis of digital signatures. In this way, a user-related signing of your documents is possible. This protects them against manipulation and keeps them authentic in the long run. Furthermore, it guarantees a completely unforgeable electronic exchange of documents.

The use of SegoSoft facilitates the simple and time-saving connection and documentation of sterilizers as well as units for cleaning, disinfection and sealing. The documentation of unit data and the possibility of documenting the release of the charge are fully automatic. In the course of the instrument processing, bar code labels with all information relevant to the process can be printed directly. Due to interfaces for the most usual software packages in medical practices, SegoSoft blends into your familiar environment and is integrated into your hygienic concept without any problems.


  • * Depending on the functionality of the unit

  • System requirements

    The system performance for the Sego®- range should exceed the recommended minimum depending on the number and type of connected devices. This will ensure trouble-free operation.
    Sego® is designed to run on standard personal computers. The configurations given here have been tested on a number of different systems.


    • Adobe Acrobat Reader*, recommended Version 11.08 or higher
    • Backup system

    Operating systems

    • MS Windows 10/11*

    SEGO®s data security and access management functions may be restricted if used with other operating systems.

    Hardware (recommended)

    • CPU frequency of min. 3 GHz (4 GHz or higher recommended)
    • Min. 4 GB RAM (8 GB ore more recommended)
    • SVGA graphics system with 1,024 x 768 pixels (21” monitor, HD 1,920 x 1,080 recommended)
    • Hard drive with min. 256 GB free memory (500 GB and above recommended)
    • If no serial interface is available on the PC, it is possible to integrate serial devices via USB interface with SegoSerial Industrial Grade Converter
    • Internet** (Ethernet recommended)
    * All the brand names and designations used are registered trademarks and brands of the respective owners and are used here merely for descriptive purposes
    ** Urgently required for Internet-ready devices; with corresponding add-ons and with remote support – it is otherwise not possible to guarantee the full and correct function of the system!




    SegoSoft Process documentation






    Upgrade from version 6 to 7

    With the introduction of the new SegoSoft - Version 7, the support for SegoSoft - Version 6, in relation to signature renewals and software updates, will be terminated on 01.09.2016.
    To upgrade from version 6 to 7, please fill in the current ServiceCard application.
    With this registration you will receive your 11 - digit number that you need for the upgrade.

    MD 5



    SEGO | CONNECT - The perfect connection for the practice network

    SEGO | LABEL - Software for label printing



    pdf17 Paper Seals with indicator Class 1 according to DIN EN ISO 1114 0-1



    SEGO | STARTER-KIT - Printer and labels


    Order forms

    pdf17 Fax-Order for printer accessories



    SegoSoft – no worries, thanks to Service Card

    Comcotec offers SegoSoft users a comprehensive software-servicing and maintenance contract for optimum customer care.
    The ServiceCard bundles all services necessary for problem-free use into a clear and easily calculable package.

    We ask for your understanding that without ServiceCard no phone support can be done.

    Your ServiceCard offers you the following:

    • Email and telephone support for all application-specific questions
    • Constant software updates to comply with the latest documentation regulations
    • Renewal of the digital signature every other year SegoSoft product updates

    Apply immediately the ServiceCard for your comprehensive care and support.

    "We are also reachable for you by phone +49 89 3270889-10"