SegoSoft Connect Module

Special designed dual-serial-to-USB converter

SEGO | SERIAL Industrial Grade Converter is a specially designed dual-serial-to-USB converter.
It is characterized by the following features:

  • Full galvanic isolation between USB and serial interfaces
  • Complete electrical isolation of the two serial interfaces from each other
  • Undervoltage detection and display
  • USB Sleep detection and display
  • Connect USB monitoring and display

SegoSoft Connect Module

System requirements

The system performance for the Sego®- range should exceed the recommended minimum depending on the number and type of connected devices. This will ensure trouble-free operation.
Sego®is designed to run on standard personal computers. The configurations given here have been tested on a number of different systems.


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader*, recommended Version 11.08 or higher
  • Backup system

Operating systems

  • MS Windows 10*

SEGO®s data security and access management functions may be restricted if used with other operating systems.

Hardware (recommended)

  • CPU frequency of min. 3 GHz (4 GHz or higher recommended)
  • Min. 4 GB RAM (8 GB ore more recommended)
  • SVGA graphics system with 1,024 x 768 pixels (21” monitor, HD 1,920 x 1,080 recommended)
  • Hard drive with min. 256 GB free memory (500 GB and above recommended)
  • If no serial interface is available on the PC, it is possible to integrate serial devices via USB interface with SegoSerial Industrial Grade Converter
  • Internet** (Ethernet recommended)
* All the brand names and designations used are registered trademarks and brands of the respective owners and are used here merely for descriptive purposes
** Urgently required for Internet-ready devices; with corresponding add-ons and with remote support – it is otherwise not possible to guarantee the full and correct function of the system!




SegoSoft Process documentation






Upgrade from version 6 to 7

With the introduction of the new SegoSoft - Version 7, the support for SegoSoft - Version 6, in relation to signature renewals and software updates, will be terminated on 01.09.2016.
To upgrade from version 6 to 7, please fill in the current ServiceCard application.
With this registration you will receive your 11 - digit number that you need for the upgrade.

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SEGO | CONNECT - The perfect connection for the practice network

SEGO | LABEL - Software for label printing



pdf17 Paper Seals with indicator Class 1 according to DIN EN ISO 1114 0-1


SEGO | STARTER-KIT - Printer and labels


Order forms

pdf17 Fax-Order for printer accessories


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SegoSoft – no worries, thanks to Service Card

Comcotec offers SegoSoft users a comprehensive software-servicing and maintenance contract for optimum customer care.
The ServiceCard bundles all services necessary for problem-free use into a clear and easily calculable package.

We ask for your understanding that without ServiceCard no phone support can be done.

Your ServiceCard offers you the following:

  • Email and telephone support for all application-specific questions
  • Constant software updates to comply with the latest documentation regulations
  • Renewal of the digital signature every other year SegoSoft product updates

Apply immediately the ServiceCard for your comprehensive care and support.

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