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SegoSoft Instruments

How it all began

Comcotec’s unique success story stretches back to 1995. At that time both the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries were looking for a solution for quality management systems. The companies in these sectors were primarily interested in a documentation system which would allow them to prove that the requisite processes had been performed correctly. The necessary software was developed by company founder Manfred Korn and his team.

Nine years later, the German army’s field hospitals were equipped with it within the framework of a research project. Even back then the software quickly became popular because of its ease of use and tamper-proof PDF documents. At the same time, the software began to see increased use in private practice, primarily by dentists. Today SegoSoft boasts over 20,000 users around the world and has become one of the most important and reliable systems for the documentation of instrument reprocessing.

Our core business

Unlike our competitors, here at Comcotec we focus exclusively on the complete documentation of instrument reprocessing. As absolute specialists in this field, we can justifiably say that we are the best on the market.

SegoSoft Instruments

Our skilled team

Developer with vision

Developing a security system which is to make the grade in the eyes of the Ger-man Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) requires a developer with cryp-tological experience, who knows how to implement digital signatures. Our man for this software had previously worked at Microsoft, the Deutsche Bundesbank and, most recently, Siemens Mobile. You simply can’t get more expertise in this field!

Manfred Korn, the company’s founder and CEO, was himself active in the field of sterilisation for 20 years, in roles including that of head of development at a renowned manufacturer of sterilisers. Another member of the creative team has a background in the chemical industry and previously worked on opti-mal process safety at Clariant. Last but not least, we have an expert in hard-ware development. He previously developed control systems for Olympus and S3 sterilisers for Thermo Fisher Scientific. This puts us in a position to produce connectivities corresponding to the highest medical standard.

SegoSoft Instruments
Geschäftsführer: Michael Becker, Andreas Werny


Wir bieten individuell auf Ihr System zugeschnittene Innovation zu den Konditionen eines Serienprodukts!

Die Comcotec Messtechnik GmbH positioniert sich als führender Anbieter für plattformunabhängige und systemübergreifende Software- und Hardwarelösungen für Labor- und Medizingeräte (Sterilisatoren, Desinfektoren, Siegelgeräte, Brutschränke, etc..

Ihre Leistungen bietet sie als ein hoch spezialisierter Innovations- und Dienstleistungspartner für Hersteller und Betreiber von Betreiber von Labor- und Medizingeräten gleichermaßen an..

Mit der Produktfamilie SEGO entwickelt und vermarktet sie ganzheitliche und vollständig in modernste EDV-Technologie integrierte Lösungen zur Steuerung, Dokumentation und Validierung der Prozesse für Labor- und Medizingeräte (Sterilisatoren, Thermodesinfektoren, Siegelgeräte, Brutschränke, etc..)