A smart hygienic decision



SegoSoft Instruments

Our philosophy

Always one step ahead

You can’t add quality to a product as a final touch; quality has to be planned in from the word go. In recent years we have established a number of safety standards and contin-ually started new trends. Our declared goal has always been and remains to stay one step ahead even in future and to offer our customers products and services in unbeatable quality at all times.

SegoSoft Instruments

Hygiene saves lives

SegoSoft the neat solution

Hygiene is one of the foundations of medical treatment and the most important precaution when it comes to protecting the health of your patients and staff. As such, compliance with the specified hygiene regulations and complete doc-umentation of the hygiene chain has been the top obligation of every doctor and healthcare professional for some time already. The purpose of the specified regulations, laws and standards is to avoid diseases, identify infections as early as possible and prevent their spread.

Above all, automated processes help to avoid errors and integrate the neces-sary adaptation to evolving criteria in routine clinical practice. Which is exactly why the SEGO® range was developed. Modern documentation of instrument reprocessing is digital, saves time and is simple to use.

SegoSoft Instruments

Our mission

SEGO® starts trends

We were delighted to receive the news of the BSI certifica-tion and approval as a medical device in 2014. At the same time, it was also an impetus for us to continue developing the SEGO® product range and to continue optimising the entire sector and simplifying it.

Comcotec has defined the market and its direction until now. In the future, we shall continue to employ new ideas and developments with the aim of making instrument reprocessing even safer, simpler and easier for all those involved.