For the mySego technology platform


Sego4Star The Sego4Basic rounds off the platform-independent portfolio from Comcotec and targets the price-sensitive user. Sego4Basic concentrates on the core functions of fully automatic and legally compliant documentation and approval of preparation processes as well as the printing of the necessary labels.

In combination with the user interface of the mySego technology platform, which is known to be extremely user-friendly, this results in a completely worry-free product for easy entry into the world of browser-based applications of the Sego product family. The data transfer via VDDS to other software solutions is also part of the Sego4Basic solution.


Instrument reprocessing optimally documented

Basic technology

Sego4Star works browser-based and is integrated into the practice network as a completely configured module and communicates with all connected devices via network or USB.
Above all, the intuitive user interface also visually offers what the "digital native" expects from a user-friendly application.
All that is required to access this user interface is a browser on any device (tablet, PC, etc.).
The data can then be made available to all further software solutions via the network structure.

Depending on the software maintenance contract, you have the option of connecting up to 4 or up to 8 devices. Choose the scope of the desired functionalities - with the Sego4Star (full version) or Sego4Basic (core functions) modules, tailored to your needs.


Simple operation, customisable application, secure results.








Fully automatic process documentation






Multiple workstations


Print labels


VDDS-media interface


User administration with task allocation

Medical device management

Device log

Task management & administration

Complete instrument management


Routine tests



Intelligent SegoAgent








Sold exclusively by certified dealers.
Please also note the supported devices.

Your direct contact to mySego

Steffen Rudat
Phone: +49 89 3270889 -0
Mobile: +49 160 8506938

Checklist before installation

Please take the module in operation only with the support of our service partners

To ensure a smooth startup process, we would like to ask you to note the following:

Internet access

Internet access is mandatory



Provide email addresses
for users


Every user needs a personal email address in order to activate their account and to be able to restore the password independently. When using an internal email address, it must be ensured that third parties cannot access the account. We therefore recommend using a private email address, e.g. B. Gmail, which mySego® only uses to carry out the actions described above.



Always On


The Sego4Star module and its Hardware components must always be connected to the power supply.



Have the operator's
IBAN ready


In the course of commissioning, the operator's bank details are requested. The annual fee for mySego® is collected by direct debit and includes the complete service.




There are no version numbers for this product.




SEGO | CONNECT - The perfect connection for the practice network

SEGO | LABEL - Software for label printing



pdf17 Paper Seals with indicator Class 1 according to DIN EN ISO 1114 0-1



SEGO | STARTER-KIT - Printer and labels


Order forms

pdf17 Fax-Order for printer accessories


servicecard Bild 2014 C

mysego.pass - update, support & service

Always be up to date. Stay up to date. Updates are simple and quick for you. In the cloud and not in the practice.
Our intelligent preventive system detects faults and device failures immediately.
Our two service packages are kept simple and give the necessary space for practical growth and changes in the equipment pool.

Regardless of the desired range of functions, we offer the following options in Sego4Basic or Sego4Star:

mySego.pass to link up to 4 devices or the extended level mySego.pass extended for up to 8 devices

We are also there for you by phone: +49 89 3270889 -10